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Statement of EcoHealth 2018

We, researchers of multiple disciplines, educators, students, practitioners, activists and representatives of indigenous and community organizations, providers of hope, knowledge and health in our communities, have come from five continents to the city of Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia , where we met from August 14 to 18, 2018, at the 7th Biennial Conference of […]

Emerging and established approaches to environmental public health

This webalogue will provide an overview of two recent publications clarifying the intent and focus of emerging and established approaches to environmental health research and practice. This webinar will provide an overview of several milestones in environmental public health practice to foster a discussion about the future of these fields and the implications of an […]

Forthcoming book: One Planet, One Health

Edited by Merrilyn Walton from Sydney University, One Planet, One Health provides a multidisciplinary reflection on the state of our planet, human and animal health, as well as the critical effects of climate change on the environment and livelihoods of people. Climate change is already impacting many poor communities and traditional aid programs have achieved […]

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Ecohealth and One Health Research Sharing in Japan

The Asia Pacific is the world most dynamic region thanks to its rapid economic growth. However, the region is also facing profound challenges such as emerging infectious diseases, food insecurity, anti-microbial resistance, and climate change. With growing immigrants and booming in cross-national trading, these health-related issues rise concerns at the regional level which need to […]

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FBLI Final Research Workshops and Media Briefing

Kunming, China. September 19-20, 2016 – Key partners of the Field Building Leadership Initiative (FBLI), including more than 30 researchers and policy makers from 4 FBLI participating countries (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and China) assembled at the Grand Park Hotel in Kunming, China. The events were hosted by Kunming Medical University in collaboration with the FBLI-Coordinating […]